Covid 19 pandemic practice update

  • As of 11 May, the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee and Australian Dental Association (ADA) have recommended level 2 restrictions move to level 1. Endorsement from the Dental Board of Australia is pending.
  • Do keep in mind that stage 0 is ‘normal’. We are still working within a pandemic with all its health implications and limitations. Persons with clinical or epidemiological risk factors for Covid 19 must not attend.
  • The Tasmanian branch of the ADA can apply restrictions higher than level 1 should local conditions deteriorate.
  • The practice has been seeing healthy patients for routine appliance adjustment since 28 April; there are still many weeks of appointments to be managed. You are all important, valued and will not be forgotten.
  • Only one support person please to attend. Social distancing limits are 4 persons in the waiting room.
  • For patients not seen since temporary practice closure 1 April, please do not attend unless appointment is confirmed.
  • Patient scheduling is less than 60% of pre-Covid 19 era. There are less preferred early and late appointments available. This is our ‘new normal’.
  • Important updates will continue to be posted as necessary. Stay safe and follow government instructions.


P: (03) 6224 0586
F: (03) 6224 0407

Location and surgery hours

We are located on the ground floor of Surrey House, 199 Macquarie St, Hobart 7000.

The office is open 8am to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday and Friday hours are 8am to 1pm. Patients are scheduled from 8.30am four days a week; Wednesday is a patient free day for treatment planning.

Important information

All patients of the practice are valued, the number of new patients to the practice is controlled to ensure adequate time is available for ongoing active patient treatment and patient review.


From 1 May 2003, Dr Cooper has required a written referral be at the practice before a new patient consultation is scheduled. This policy is to ensure all new patients have recently had a dental checkup and that referral is appropriate.

Appointments and patient responsibility

Orthodontic patients in active treatment with fixed or removable appliances have priority to preferred early and late appointments. Sharing (alternate appointments where possible) of preferred appointment times before 9.15am and from 3.30pm makes it fair for all patients who are equally valued.

With exception of first consultation, reminders for appointments are not offered.Please make a note in your diary, smart device and / or calendar; this is your responsibility thank you.

Patient cooperation is essential for optimal treatment progress and outcome.

Please do consider how you or your child will be able to attend for appointments during the day, the Appointment Scheduling Policy is available in the waiting room for you to take home.

Infection Control

Strict universal infection control procedures are used in the practice and comply with A/NZ Standard 4815 and the Dental Board of Australia requirements.

About Dr Cooper

Dr Cooper was educated in Tasmania and graduated B.D.S. from the University of Adelaide in 1983 and M.D.S from University of Adelaide in 1990. Dr Cooper is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and a full member of the Australian Society of Orthodontists Inc. She is a Patron of The Australian Society of Orthodontists Foundation for Research and Education.

Dr Cooper is a suitable title for children. Senior high school and college students, adult patients, parents and grandparents are encouraged to use her first name.

Stephanie has been in orthodontic practice in Hobart since 1993. She provides all diagnostic consultations and procedures, active orthodontic treatment and retention supervision at the practice.