Message from Dr Cooper

Orthodontic practice in Hobart commenced in 1993, it is over 41 years since graduation as a Dentist and 35 years as a Specialist Dentist in orthodontics.  Thank you to all the families and individuals who entrusted me with their orthodontic care and my Dental colleagues for their shared oral care and support.

My professional career has surpassed any expectations I may have had.  50 years ago, as an Ogilvie HS student, I wrote to the Universities of Adelaide and Melbourne enquiring about entry to orthodontic study and they kindly responded and encouraged.  The Tasmanian Government made Dentistry possible by tertiary scholarship; I am forever grateful.

Dentistry as an oral health profession is about helping people and provides a combination of academic stimulus, clinical oral care, constant professional development and collegial engagement.  Orthodontics in Specialist practice is alongside regular oral care with your Dental practitioner.  Fellowship with the RACDS and long term membership of the ADA and ASO have been highly valued.

Private solo health practice however limits all leave opportunities and needs, it is time now for me.

As of 21 February 2024, Dr Stephanie Cooper is retired and her practice at 199 Macquarie St Hobart has closed.


Moving forward

Dr Cooper remains fully registered as General and Specialist Dentist with the Dental Board of Australia and she is in possession of orthodontic patient clinical records.  In retirement, your enquiries as a past patient or Dental provider are most welcome.

Contact Dr Cooper by email:

For recent or past orthodontic patients, you will be sent a records release form which needs to be completed and returned in order to share appropriate records with you or your Dental provider.

Records will be sent securely by encrypted Mediref email service.